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march 19, 2020

there will be xiled radio sets every thursday and sunday at 10pm est via twitch as long as everyone is quarantined at home. join me and dj motia there!

march 22, 2013

ok people! time to announce 2 big dates coming up. i'll be returning to dublin to play at dominion again. no fire marshalls this time! second, i will be playing wave-gotik treffen for the first time! i'll be at beyerhaus leipzig on friday night playing industrial, ebm, and powernoise. come get your dance on! currently trying to secure a date for rome the weekend after the festival.

december 28, 2012

local boston gigs galore to start off the new year. staying close to home after all the traveling at the end of last year.
january 03 - resurrection
january 07 - ceremony
january 19 - sin-o-matic

december 12, 2012

all i have to say is "wow" to everyone who helped make the last 2 months happen. you have all been amazing. it was amazing to play a few dates in europe. unity was imploded that night so not only was i the last guest dj, i ended up being the dj who played the last song. i met some great people nonetheless and would look forward to spin with them again or at least get together to hang out! dublin was fantastic. i ended up camping out there for about a week with a most graceous host. the fire marshall came by to shut the club down because of ongoing permit violations where they keep moving the bar beyond what the venue has done. amazing people and djs. will return another time. trondheim. what a beautiful town with clear skies one minute and blizzard conditions the next. the venue hellfire is at was going through renovations upstairs so we djed downstairs. on the stairs. it was amusing to be on a landing spinning while patrons were drinking and dancing in the space below. :) despite technical difficulties everywhere, i had nothing less than a fantastic time! i look forward to doing it again next year.

the halloween industrial fest had many great artists. i ended up djing day 1 and day 3. top performances go to prometheus burning, author & punisher, and david linton.

october 10, 2012

booked on the following dates:

october 19: (uk) belfast: unity (halloween special) @ the deers head
october 20: (ireland) dublin: dominion @ murrays bar
october 27: (norway) trondheim: hellfire club halloween event @ no. 13 - details tba.
november 02: (usa) providence, ri: halloween industrial fest day 1 @ club gallery
november 05: (usa) boston, ma: the attic @ ramroad
november 30: (usa) boston, ma: superstition @ an tua nua
december 03: (usa) boston, ma: the attic @ ramroad

september 13, 2012

just book.

september 21: (denmark) copenhagen: club braincorp. presents: pornography - a tribute to the cure
october 12-26: tbd.
october 27: (norway) trondheim: halloween event. details tba.

august 28, 2012

this saturday - september 2012: neo in chicago! it's been over a decade since i've spun there. the friday following it (september 07, 2012) i'll be up in maine, keeping it spooky.

april 24, 2012

this coming weekend, i'll be down in nyc spinning at defcon @ pyramid. i'll be at ceremony boston the first monday in may for their down with tempo night. yes. i still play mellow music at clubs (sometimes). ;-)

march 01, 2012

yes it's snowing. yes we're still playing. get your dancing boots on and your groove on.

february 24, 2012

booked for resurrection in manchester, nh on march 01 with dj neith.

january 26, 2012

hope everyone had a great new year! darq won't be happening this weekend. the venue went away. they're looking to relocate; however, i will be djing at ceremony on monday for an all electronic night! :)

december 24, 2011

happy holidays to everyone. i have 1 last xiled radio show next week and then the year ends. i have 3 club nights set up for january: factory (boston), darq (salem), and ceremony (boston). check out my dates page for details. see you!

november 28, 2011

just booked for the attic on december 05. this date and impulse on december 08 will be my last 2 club dates for 2011. come out for the final performances of the year.

november 27, 2011

wow. defcon was amazing on saturday. there was a lot of great industrial played that night. thanks everyone for coming out.

november 11, 2011

i'll be spinning at defcon in nyc on november 26, 2011!

september 22, 2011

booked 2 nights in new hampshire! i'll be spinning both nights with dj pet. november 03 will be resurrection. december 08 will be their new electronic night impulse! come support the scene up north.

september 21, 2011

i'll be at maschinenfest next weekend. the following weekend, i return to madrid! i'll be attending the esc/vondage show. i'm spinning the after party with djs 3rr0r and lotus v @ sala clamores from 1:30-6:00! i told you i'd come back. now you all need to go to the show then come party with us!

september 19, 2011

damn... thank you everyone who came out to sin-o-matic. you heard the thumping beats and packed the floor! :)

august 24, 2011

my kung fu school is having its 5th year anniversary on september 18, 2011. i'll be doing sound and djing. anyone who wants to go should contact me. for $35, you get dinner and a show as we'll be performing wah lum kung fu and yang style tai chi. proceeds go to saint jude's children's research hospital.

august 22, 2011

i'll have my debut at sin-o-matic @ machine in boston, ma on september 17, 2011.

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